Humble Beginnings

Welcome to the new website guys. Anyone who has previously followed me may have seen the old site over at Unfortunately I did not keep the site maintained and eventually lost the domain name and all the content.

So after a nasty injury last year while climbing rooftops in London, it has taken over 12 months to make a full recovey and get back to the ability and confidence I had before. So a fresh start in 2015 means it was about time to revamp the site and make it active again.

An injury certainly didn't stop me getting out and exploring although just delayed some of the more involved things sitting on my list. Now as I start to work through a backlog of photos on my memory cards, hard drives and computer you will see new images added to the galleries and new blog content added here so watch this space and thanks for visiting my site.

For those that followed my old site, please let me know your thoughts on the complete revamp and new feel of the site.

You will all also notice that I have moved domain to - so remember to follow the right site guys and not



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